On Chores and Work

Some farmers hate doing chores and are a lot of the time disappointed about how much work they have to do without always seeming to get anything out of it. Maybe it’s just cause I’m young still and I don’t do everything on the farm yet, but either way I haven’t felt this disappointment yet.

Even just the other day I was standing in the middle of the barn during milking time and I felt a random sense of pride at what I was doing and what I was able to do. Milking is a very interesting job, and there’s no shortage of bruises or close calls involved. There’s also the fact that the milkers are relatively heavy, even though you get used to it after a while, and sometimes the milkers don’t work.

Another thing I do at the farm is feeding the heifers, other wise known as the cows that haven’t had calves yet and aren’t milking yet. And having limited and rather small space in between the heifers that one has to walk through this isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s kind of hard to describe it, but sometimes (most of the time) it’s a bit of a struggle. It’s always worth it too. It might not seem like it, but it is.

11 thoughts on “On Chores and Work

    1. I would very much leave them alone if we were actually hurting them and not giving them the best life they could possibly have in this day and age. Cows were never really wild animals and since dairy farming has been around since before man had the ability to write they’re so far domesticated by now they wouldn’t survive in the wild because they don’t have a natural born instinct to live outdoors and be free all the time and they wouldn’t know what to do. No farmer I’ve ever met has ever abused a cow, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot get injured. I would encourage you to do research on both your side and mine and maybe even find a farm and a farming family that is around you that would be willing to let you look around their farm and have a productive conversation. Thank you for your time


      1. There is no justification for using animals of any species as we don’t need animal products;

        Taking their milk and their lives is absolutely unfair to them, and just because they don’t understand that you’re taking advantage of them does not make it any more ethical.

        I sincerely hope you will reconsider the direction you’re going, spay and neuter your animals, and sell them to sanctuaries where they can finish their lives. It’s the very least you can do.


      2. Except for milking them doesn’t hurt them, it’s like a breast pump for pregnant women and not taking it would hurt them more, but I understand that you haven’t grown up this life and most likely won’t agree with anything I say so I would still encourage you to visit a farm or do research and I will tell you to please go on and have a nice day


      3. There is no justification for taking the breast milk of someone who can not give consent.

        There is absolutely no need for that vile product and your industry will very soon come to an end.
        So I suggest permaculture if you want to make ethical sustainable money.


      4. And once again I know nothing I say will make you see anything good in this much needed industry and I’ve heard all the arguments already so once again I will just say go on with your day and please have a nice one


      5. There is nothing – not one thing- about dairy that we need. Dairy is nearly obsolete.
        And the demand for it is steadily decreasing, as it should be.

        Dairy is one of the biggest reasons Americans are so fat and bloated and dazed and lethargic, and it needs to go.


      6. Ok I will say this one more time, do more research of both sides of this argument and I will say PLEASE stop commenting now because I am very busy and I’m sure you must have better things to do with your time than this


      7. If you had an argument to justify what you’re doing then you would be able to easily refute what I’ve said – but you don’t have an argument.

        Once I again I hope you will reconsider and stop contributing to unethical animal agriculture and poor human health.
        If you have any compassion you will at least consider whether or not you’d want to have your breast milk “harvested” by slave owners?


      8. I have not one better thing to do than to speak up for the victims who have no ability to speak or stand up for themselves. My life is a waste if I don’t do this.


      9. Well I’m sorry that you have nothing else to do with your life and I also have many arguments for you that I am simply not going to waste my time and energy trying to show you that farmers aren’t bad people and I can also tell when someone is just saying things for a response, so that is exactly what you will not be getting from me anymore. Goodbye


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