On Clipping

Probably the most important thing a 4-H kid has to do the week ahead of the fair is to clip their cows. It may seem like a funny thing to do to others, but it helps the cows to look better and to be able to be shown off better. Besides it making them look pretty it also helps to keep them cooler during the fair week when it is not always the most comfortable temperatures.

Despite it sounding simple, it’s actually a lot of work. Kids most of the time need their own set of clippers, big ones and small ones, and they need a good spot to keep the hair away from the food and water of the other cows. One has to make sure they keep the hair in a straight line once it gets to the top so they can do the topline later at the fair, (story for another time). There’s also clipping the legs with the extra bones you have to be really careful to not hurt the cows. Most of the time the legs are just do what you can when it comes to clipping. We also have to clip the tail which I always find interesting because someone I guess decided we had to leave about a fist length of hair before the switch (the bottom of the tail) and all the hair up to the hips on the tail gets clipped. The head also gets clipped, and others might be able to get it pretty much fully, but like the legs most of the time it’s just do what you can.

So that’s what my job is for the next few days. There are other things to do decoration wise and stuff to be done before Sunday when we move down to the fairgrounds and I might talk a bit about that later in the week. The fair is coming super fast and though it is my last one as always I’m ready and excited.

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