On Preparing

I’ve already mentioned the washing and clipping part of preparing for the county fair the week before it happens, but there are a few other things to do before being completely prepared. One of those things is making posters and decorating the stall that we are in for the week. Being a Junior Superintendent gives me and a few of my friends a bit extra work too. Junior Superintendents help to run the barn during the week and do many more things than the other kids. One of the main things we have to do before the week is make a poster of ourselves with a small biography and a few pictures. When fair week comes I’ll tell a bit more about the rest of the things we do.

Besides that poster depending on the stall and the kid/kids sometimes people make other posters or at least have unique decorations for their spot. For us this year I’m making a few posters with facts about the three different breeds of cow I’m bringing. Most of the time it is also suggested if not required to put up a thank you poster to thank a few people that might not be directly involved with 4-H for helping you throughout the year. Besides what feels like the million posters I’ve mentioned we also have a usual banner with a picture of our farm and a curtain that we put up the cards saying the names, breeds, and birthdays of our cows on along with the ribbons after the show days. So that’s just a bit about everything we put up in our stall during the fair.

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    1. There are a few special conditioners and stuff you can use but most people use Dawn dish soap and it works pretty well


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