Chautauqua County Fair Day 2: Monday

Well there’s always one constant thing you can say about the fair and that is that no two days are alike. One moment it’ll be sunny and humid and you’ll be super busy and the next it’ll be pouring down rain and you’re sitting around with absolutely nothing to do but play Solitaire and Mahjong on your phone. Oh wait, only one constant? There are a few more. Like the fact that you will always be tired but a nap in the camper on the couch always helps. But what is probably the most important constant is that whether it’s helping to put up the recycle bins for the cans or getting out to the wash rack or sometimes even just walking up to the bathroom there’s always a new adventure to be had. And sometimes days you thought were going to be super boring (like today) can turn out to give you plenty of things to do until at least noon. There’s nothing really specific I have to write about for today except for that it was a bit less boring than I expected and that I got to take two showers because I walked through the rainstorm for a bit, so I guess we’re gonna call day number two a closed one now too.

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