On Minorities

Milking cows in 90 degree weather is so much fun! Said no Northern East Coast dairy farmer ever. But anyway, if you watch the news lately and you are aware about the terrible things that are happening in America right now, specifically with Mexican families. So this gave me the idea to talk about minorities today and how much the dairy industry really relies on them. Not specifically on our farm, but on many other neighboring farms that I’ve been on or have friends that own them there are plenty of immigrant workers, and from what I’ve seen they are probably some of the nicest people along with the most hardworking people ever. The minority I know the most about me being one myself, is being a woman in what is more commonly a male-dominated industry.

In more recent years women have begun taking over their family farms or helping out in whatever way they feel comfortable doing. But in some places it is still common for someone to look for the man when they enter a farm instead of thinking that the woman would be in charge or have any idea about what was happening in the barn. I’ve also seen it apparent in both my high school FFA and 4-H when as I participated year after year and saw more and more girls become leaders and officers. I never thought anything about it until I talked to people around town or others that I knew and they thought that it was really exciting. That was when I began to realize how different it was that women were getting into farming and agriculture, and how great it was that current generations are starting to change that. There’s a lot of stigma and bad things happening with the dairy industry and people are beginning to wonder how much longer it’ll last. Well I’m here hoping my generations and generations after me will change that.

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